Green Campaigning
Since 1988 Dr. Jonathan King has campaigned for the Environment.
In the late nineteen eighties:
- he founded the Green Australia Party to get the ball rolling
- helped establish the Greens Party of NSW with Ian Cohen who was later elected as the first Greens MP in 1995
- helped organize and fund the Australian Conservation Foundation's bicentennial environment summit in Sydney;
- organized the funding to bring German Greens leader Petra Kelly out to Australia to speak at the summit.
In the nineteen nineties
- he worked as Australian director of British rock star Sting's Rainforest Foundation
- travelled by light plane, truck, boat and canoe to deliver funds raised in Australia to Chief Raoni and Chief Megaron in the Amazon
- spoke at the 1990 Amazon Rainforest Conference in Manaus representing the Australia government's DFAT
- stood for Federal parliament as a Green Democrat for the seat of Mackella winning the highest Democrat vote ever
- stood for the NSW Upper House as a Green democrat coming second on the ticket
- organized the first Northern Beaches Clean Up with the help of actors Yahoo Serious, Tom Burlinson etc.
Since the year 2000
- he has written extensively on the Environment for newspapers and magazines
- helped the Greens at elections
- attended and helped organize rallies and protests marches

Dr. King carrying the Greens flag outside Parliament NSW at the December 2009 Walk Against Warming protest for the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change

Dr. King and his wife Jane - complete with protective parasol - handing out How to Vote cards in the Bradfield by-election in December 2009.
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