Dr Jonathan King's last Tv Doco - Winning World War 1
Using brutally honest and extraordinary eyewitness accounts, this dramatic story of Winning World War 1, comes straight from soldiers who actually fought in those bloody trenches of the Western Front. Based on Dr Jonathan King's landmark book Winning World War 1, this film is a moving dramatisation based on the personal letters and diaries of those soldiers who fought battle after battle on the fields of the Western Front.
Narrated by Jack Thompson. As screened on Foxtel's History Channel.
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A companion DVD to Jonathan King's book: Gallipoli: Untold Stories
The Gallipoli campaign of 1915 was a series of deadly battles followed by a brilliantly executed retreat. In just eight months, more than 11,000 Australians and New Zealanders died 'for the glory of Empire'. Gallipoli: Untold Stories provides a day-by-day review of these defining events from the perspective of Charles Bean, Australia's official war correspondent and Sydney Morning Herald journalist. The entries are supported by his private diaries and newspaper reports.
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Mary Bryant: Her life and escape from Botany Bay
This is the DVD of the Rock Eistedfod production by Northern Beaches College 2006 for which they achieved the Runner-up award. Jonathan King played a major role in helping the kids with their recreation of the story of Mary Bryant.
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Waltzing Matilda - The Song That Shaped a Nation
Australia's legendary bush poet, Banjo Paterson wrote the words of Waltzing Matilda while visiting outback Queensland in early 1895. Historian Jonathan King travels to the highlands of Scotland, the cobbled streets of England's medieval Rochester and even a German Hoffbrauhaus tracing the origins of the music. In France, wartime survivors are still singing Waltzing Matilda in memory of Aussie Diggers who died there and in the Outback, the last of Swagmen are still camped by a billabong. Featured artists include Slim Dusty, Bryan Brown, Ted Egan, Judith Durham, John Williamson and many others. (92 minutes) Study Guide written by Jonathan King included.

Directed and produced by Bill Leimbach, Produced and presented by Jonathan King.
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The First Fleet Rite of Passage
A companion DVD to Dr King's book: Australia's First Fleet and the Re-enactment. A documentary telling the story for television of the battle Dr King had against the government on the high seas and dry land to sail the fleet to Australia against all odds.
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