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Between 1970 and 2009, Dr Jonathan King has written and produced 30 books and films. Over the coming months, each work will be added to the website for you to purchase and enjoy.
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Dr Jonathan King's latest release - Already a bestseller!
Launched by the Premier of Victoria at the Shrine of Remembrance November 2011
Jonathan and the Victorian Premier - Ted Baillieu - are escorted to the Shrine of Remembrance by soldiers dressed in uniforms from different eras.
Victorian premier Ted Baillieu in the Shrine of Remembrance,  in November 2011 where he launched Great Battles in Australian History.

Great Moments in Australian History
Published 2009
Great Moments in Australian History presents an exciting collection of stories about the most colourful highlights and heroes of Australia's history. Pioneering a fresh approach, Jonathan King dramatises events to bring each moment vividly to life. Filled with graphic images, the book presents the big picture, from the discoveries of the early explorers to the cut and thrust of modern-day politics. In laying bare events that shaped the nation, it highlights vital turning points that marked the end of an era and the start of something new, showing just how dramatically Australia has changed. Sometimes fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

This book tells the story of the top 66 events that shaped Australia and is beautifully pictures in both colour and black and white. The author has brought the historical characters to life by putting them onto the different historical stages and creating conservations dramatizing each key moment. Full of short easy to read chapters it’s a book you can put up and putdown. Ideal for first time history readers and for teaching in schools.

“This is a wonderful way to tell history and I highly recommend it – every Australian home should have a copy of ‘Great Moments in Australian History’ “ Radio 2GB commentator, Alan Jones 1 December 2009.


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The Western Front Diaries
Published 2008
Hidden under the shadow of Gallipoli for decades, the true story of what happened on the Western Front is finally brought into the bright light of day. And what a story it is: five times more Australians served and were killed, five times as many battles, and an astounding 52 Victoria Crosses awarded to Australians.
"A valuable trench-eye view of a war that has slipped from living memory into history." The Weekend Australian
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  Historica: 1000 Years of our Lives and Times
  Chief Historical Consultant/Writer
  ABC Books (packaged by Millennium House) - published 2006
  $125.00 includes postage of this very heavy large book with hundreds of pages and


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‘Gallipoli: The Untold stories from war correspondent Charles Bean and frontline Anzacs’.
Commemorating the 90th anniversary
Random House, published 2005
Bestseller, 20,000 copies sold.
Launched by Premier Bob Carr. Two reprints (one hard cover edition then one soft cover)
The author turned this book into TV Documentary “Gallipoli Untold Stories” which he presented on Fox TV History Channel (Will be available in our Films section soon for $30.00 )

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Mary Bryant: her life and escape from Botany Bay’
(Simon & Schuster - published 2005)
The breathtaking strange but true story of the open boat voyage from Sydney back to London of the only female convict to escape from Britain’s 1788 penal colony in Australia.
Rock Estedfford tie in
Author helped turn this book into a stage production produced for Rock Estedfford by the Northern Beaches College who won the Runner Up 2006 Award. (Will be available soon in our films section for $30.00)
TV Series tie in
Author provided research and storyline material for TV production company which produced Mary Bryant TV series on Channel 10. Not available from author.

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‘Gallipoli Diaries: The Anzac’s story in their own words”
(Simon & Schuster - published 2003)
Award-winning Bestseller, 30,000 copies
Launched by Premier Bob Carr. Reprinted in soft cover.
Contains the names of all the Anzacs who died at Gallipoli.

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‘Gallipoli: Our Last Man Standing’
(John Wiley & Sons Australia)
Launched by former prime minister Bob Hawke 3 April 03 .
Award-winning Bestseller 20,000 
No. 4 on Bestseller list Non-fiction reprinted in soft back in 2004
Based on Alec Campbell letters, writings, articles.
Short-listed for Tasmanian History Award.
$50.00 hard back

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‘Australia’s First Century’ : CD ROM

Writer/producer (Webster Publishing & The Australian)
Introduced by Prime Minister John Howard.
Not available from author.

‘Australia’s First Century’ book
(Infosentials Publishing Company - published 2000)
A picture book on history of century  in association with The Australian.
10,000 copies sold 
Launched by Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser at Parliament House.
Best seller
$99.00 including postage covering this very large and heavy book of hundreds of pages and photographs.

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“Federation of a Nation”
(CD-ROM, Webster Publishing)
Launched by Premier Bob Carr at Parliament House.
Not available from author.

“Waltzing Matilda: The Song that Shaped a Nation”.

Introduced by patron, Slim Dusty. CD Rom (Webster Publishing)
Not available from author.
DVD of TV documentary shown on Channel 7
(Will be available in our films section soon $35.00 with postage.)
'Man from Snowy River' Centennial Edition.
(Angus & Robertson - published 1995)
Edited book on Banjo Paterson’s Man from Snowy River.
Best seller – 30,000 copies hard cover then limp.
$35.00 with postage
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`Battle for the Bicentenary 
(Century/Hutchinson - published 1989)
The political story behind the First Fleet Re-enactment Expedition and 1988 celebrations.
Based on the expedition journals.
Launched by Opposition Leader, Andrew Peacock.
Telling the story of Australia’s largest live event and the hot inside story of this controversial victory by the people’s tall ship fleet against formidable government opposition.
$35.00 with postage

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Australian Bicentennial First Fleet Expedition publications -  1978-1988

Series of Colonial History books, booklets, magazines on the first Fleet:
Please contact us for more details

`Australia’s First Fleet & the Re-enactment’

(Fairfax Robertsbridge 1988)
Based on the sailor’s journals.
The author helped produce and appeared in a companion DVD which is a documentary telling the story for television of the battle he had against the government on the high seas and dry land to sail the fleet to Australia against all odds.
“The First Fleet Rite of Passage”
(Will be available in our films section soon $30.00)
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`Voyage into History’

 (Macmillan 1987)
Not available from author

Founding of Australia: from the original documents’

 ( Macmillan 1986)
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`The Mayflower Miracle’: The Pilgrim’s story in their own words.'

(Macmillan 1985)
The story of the voyage to America and the settlement of America by the Pilgrim Fathers told from their journals.
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`The First Settlement: convict village that founded Australia’

The first European settlers story of the founding of  in their own words.
(Macmillan 1984)
Launched by premier Neville Wran
Best seller.
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The First Fleet: convict voyage that founded Australia’
The sailor’s story in their own words
(Macmillan 1982)
Bestseller. Launched by prime minister, Malcolm Fraser
Contains the names of all the First Fleet convicts, marines, naval officers and sailors etc.
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The author helped produce a companion DVD which is a documentary filmed around the world and in all ports of call London, Portsmouth, Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Botany Bay and Sydney - telling the story for television of the First Fleet’s convict voyage across the high seas to Australia against all odds.
“The First Fleet Rite of Passage” (Will be available in our films section soon $30.00)
Governor Philip Gidley King’ Biography of Third Governor of New South Wales
(Methuen 1982).
Co-authored with John King (Based on Jonathan’s Ph.D Thesis)
Launched by Governor of NSW Sir James Rowland
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“A Cartoon History of Australia”
Saavas, Adelaide - published 1980
Not available from author.

`Waltzing Materialism: Attitudes that shaped Australia’
(Harper & Row 1978).
Reached No.2 on Bestseller List. 50,000 copies sold
Book of the Year, Sir Mark Oliphant. “The book that sent a shock wave around Australia”.
Launched by Don Chipp, Leader of the Australian Democrats.
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Stop Laughing This is Serious’: Social History of Australia in cartoons 

(Cassell 1978)
Launched by Vic. Premier Sir Henry Bolte
Best seller.

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`The Other Side of the Coin’: Political History of Australia in cartoons
(Cassell 1976)
Launched by former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.
Bestseller/with series of reprints.
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