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Bicentennial re-enactment of the First Fleet voyage
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                     DR. JONATHAN  KING                     





YEAR 2009

Author, “Great Moments in Australian History” (Allen &Unwin)

Director, Royal Society of Victoria’s  Burke & Wills 150th anniversary Environmental

Expedition from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria departing 20 August 2010. (WIP)

NSW Government’s Australia Day Council,  Australia Day Ambassador to Lachlan Shire

YEAR 2008

Simon & Schuster

Author :  “Western Front Diaries: Anzacs own stories battle by battle”.

(Book published to commemorate 90th Anniversary of end of WW1 Remembrance Day 2008)

Foxtel: History Channel: TV Documentary for Armistice Day 2008

Writer, Producer & Presenter:

“Winning World War 1: The Anzacs stories battle by battle”. Writer, presenter, producer.

Fairfax Enterprises/Boronia Travel (Melbourne)

Tour Leader, 90th Anniversary Pilgrimage to Western Front (France & Belgium)

(44 member Australia-wide tourist group commemorating first official government Anzac Day Dawn Service in France)

Sydney Morning Herald

Special Projects Editor (Education & Marketing) up to July ’08.

YEAR 2007

Fairfax Enterprises

Anzac Day Tour Leader, Pilgrimage to Western Front

(25 member Australia-wide tourist group)


Touring Iceland as Travel Writer for Sun-Herald reporting on environmental climate change and impact of global warming, witnessed in Iceland.

Talk Back Guest “Resident Historian”

Radio 2GB : Alan Jones, Murray Wilton,:

ABC Radio : Virginia Trioli program

ABC Radio Tamworth (fortnightly slot with Simone Cobb)

Channel 9: Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennelly,

YEAR 2006

ABC Books/Millennium House

“Historica – 1000 years of Our Lives & Times”

(Author, Chief Consultant, Writer, Promoter)

Talk Back Guest “Resident Historian”

Radio 2GB : Alan Jones, Murray Wilton,.

ABC Radio : Virginia Trioli program

Channel 9: Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennelly,

YEAR 2005

Fairfax Enterprises

Tour Leader, 90th Anniversary Pilgrimage to Gallipoli

(82 member Australia-wide tourist group)

Year 2005

Random House: John Fairfax & Sons

Author, “Gallipoli Untold Stories from war correspondent Charles Bean & Frontline Anzacs”. (Bestseller 20,000 copies @ $50.00)

Fox, History Channel Television Special:

Co-presenter, Co-script-writer

 90th Anniversary of Gallipoli TV Documentary  “Gallipoli Untold Stories”

( from war correspondent Charles Bean & Frontline Anzacs) 

& also

Webster Publishing:

Co-presenter, Co-script-writer, DVD  “Gallipoli Untold Stories from war correspondent Charles Bean & Frontline Anzacs”

YEAR 2004

SBS/Lucky Country Productions

Historical & Script Consultant

TV documentary “My Brother’s Kosovo Wedding”

Simon & Schuster (Sydney & London)

Author, “Mary Bryant. The only female Convict to escape from Botany Bay.”

7,000 copies at $40.00


YEAR 2003

Antarctica: Shackleton Re-enactment

Travelled to Antarctica as a Feature writer for The Australian Magazine covering Polar Pioneer re-tracing voyage of Shackleton’s James Caird voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia and walk across the Crean Glacier to Stromness:  “Three weeks in a Leaky Boat”.

The Australian

Features and News Writer - History, Heritage. Editor Special Projects

Simon & Schuster,

Author, “Gallipoli Diaries: The Anzac’s own story day by day”

Bestseller, 10,000 copies at $50.00

John Wiley & Sons

Author, “Gallipoli, Our Last Man Standing”

Bestseller, 10,000 copies @ 45.00. Shortlisted Tasmanian History Prize.

Lucky Country Productions

Historical & Script Consultant, ABC TV Documentary - “Balinese Surfer 2”


YEAR 2002 :

Matthew Flinders Re-enactment Voyage Around Australia

Conceived and helped create 18 month bicentennial Re-enactment of circumnavigation voyage of Matthew Flinders  around Australia using tall ship Windeward Bound.

Helped raise $270,000 : Federal government Department of Environment, won $250K support of The Australian, Education Department, Governor of NSW etc

YEAR 2001 :

Co-writer on Federation for The Australian’s Centenary of Federation coverage producing front page colour wraps, supplements, posters, educational lift outs etc

Helped win the Walkley Award for Journalism for this Federation coverage.

‘Australia’s First Century’ : CD ROM & Film

Writer/producer - CD-ROM on the history of the century

Webster Publishing and The Australian


YEAR 2000 :

Author, ‘Australia’s First Century’ book

The Australian in association with Infosentials Publishing Company

Executive Producer/Writer. A picture book on the history of the century

Launched by former prime ministers Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser together at Parliament House.

YEAR 1999 :

News of the  Century : TV Documentary

Concept, writer/producer - Television documentary  on the history of the century

 (produced in association with Channel 10, Webster Publishing and Film World)

Middle East Tour

Adventure Travel Leader: : Millennium Milestones Tour, Conceived & led tour of Middle East to commemorate Millennium (Israel, Jordan, Egypt) for Y’Alla Tours (Mid East Specialists)

The Nativity Journey: Mary & Joseph biblical donkey ride Nazareth to Bethlehem

For the Palestinian National Authority (Yasser Arafat)

Conceived & Produced a Live Event for Millennium Celebrations in the Holy Land

Employed by Bethlehem 2000, Palestinian National Authority, Bethlehem.

Produced for United Nations Development Program and Palestinian National Authority (under Yasser Arafat) creating Re-enactment of biblical Journey of Mary & Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem to commemorate the 2000th anniversary of birth of Christ. Produced tourist event, video & two part Australian TV Ch. 9 “Getaway” Program 27 July 2000

Nomad 99 : Adventure Travel Show, Sydney.

Opening Keynote Speaker/Seminar Leader for “Millennium Milestones” a talk on one of the key global Millennium Events.

Featuring : Kathryn Thornton (US Astronaut), Bryce Courtney ( ‘Power of One’), Robert Swann (Polar Explorer), David Fanshaw (composer African Sanctus) 

“Millennium: Once Every 1000 Years”, CD-ROM for Webster Publishing :

Multimedia Producer of Millennium CD for US Market (Untamed Planet Series)

“Federation of a Nation”” (CD-ROM) for Webster Publishing

Introduced by Prime Minister of Australia. Producer/Author/Interviewer

Launched by Premier Bob Carr.

YEAR 1998 :

Middle East Agreement : ‘Millennium Peace Through Tourism Agreement’.

Conceived/produced/negotiated unprecedented ‘Peace through Tourism’ Statement -signed by Ambassadors of Egypt, Jordan and Israel for Australia.

Millennium CD Documentary Film Series for Webster Multimedia

“The Great Millennium Race” filmed the Millennium preparations of NZ, China, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, France, UK and USA

“Mystery of the Pyramids”. Filmed in Egypt (Giza, Saakara, Luxor, Abu Simbel) with Egypt Air.

“Footsteps of Christ - A Film for the Millennium

Filmed in Israel, Palestine.

“Zealots of Masada” Filmed at Masada, Holy Land.

Department of Veterans Affairs:

80th Anniversary of World War 1 : France

TV/Video Documentary “ANZAC Heroes Return to the Somme”. 

Directed, produced, wrote documentary shot in the battlefields of France and Turkey with old soldiers winning Legion of Honour. QANTAS official airline.


United Nations Environment Program & UNESCO Promotion: Kenya

Researched in Kenya and Paris collecting environmental and heritage material then published this on CD-ROM “World Encyclopedia” for the USA market.

YEAR 1996 :

Millennium First Light Festival” documentary film for NZ Government and Odyssey 2000. Producer/Reporter.

China : Travels behind the bamboo Curtain : Travel Documentary Film)

Produced for Chinese Government (Hebei Province)

Centenary of Federation - prepared concept, blueprint, program, budget for commemorating 100years of nation / submitted to Howard Government as basis for celebrations.

YEAR 1995

Re-enactment of Man from Snowy River - Australia’s greatest horse ride by Banjo Paterson

100th Anniversary/Centennial Celebrations

Live Event Promoter : Conceived, created, promoted, raised funds, produced and directed 10 days festival to boost tourism featuring Banjo Paterson’s famous Ride, to attract American tourists to mountain regions and boost economy. Produced documentary film (ABCTV). Sponsored by Victorian Government, Land Rover and Drizabone, Tourism Victoria


YEAR 1994

Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Paterson

100th Anniversary/Centennial Celebrations

Director Centennial Celebrations & Channel 7 Film for Banjo Paterson’s Waltzing Matilda

Conceived, created, promoted, produced and found sponsors to fund a 10 day festival in ‘Outback’ Australia to boost tourism, featuring a cattle droving expedition on which we sold legs to tourists. Produced and presented Television documentary (Channel 7). 

Sponsored by QANTAS, CALTEX & AMPOL.

Consultant for Government of Queensland

YEAR 1993

Marco polo 700th Anniversary Voyage : China/Hong Kong

Conceived, developed, promoted, raised funds for series of events, sailing voyages as a trade and good will promotion for China and Hong Kong to boost tourism - based in Hong Kong. Executive Director, Marco Polo Foundation (with Austrade)

YEAR 1992

Quincentennial Christopher Columbus Voyage Italy to New York

SBS TV Documentary. Organized re-enactment and filming of British/Australian ships and sailed the whole voyage across the Atlantic promoting the 500th anniversary of Columbus discovery of America to world media. Sponsored by CANON.

YEAR 1991

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Australian committee.

Invited by UNEP boss Dr. Noel Brown ( NYC office) to create Australian Committee UNEP.

YEAR 1990

Amazon Rainforest Preservation :

Appointed Director on  British Rock ‘STING’’s Rainforest Foundation.

Led a promotional expedition to the Amazon (with DFAT) by river boat helping win fight to buy Xingu Park (home of the Kayapo tribe in Amazon) for Chief Raoni..

& also:

1990 Amazon London Rainforest Conference.

Represented Australian government in Manaus at Amazon : Forest 90 conference delivering speech. Travelled to Xingu National Park on the Xingu River deep in the Amazon jungle  to present Australian funds raised to Chief  Megaron and Raoni.


YEAR 1989

Awarded Outstanding Achiever Award medal by Prime Minister of Australia.

Awarded Australian of the Year medal (Victorian Division) for First Fleet Re-enactment Exp[edition of eleven Tall Ships which included historical re-enactment live event, TV film, book, serving as Fairfax newspaper correspondent on the high seas and radio programs.

Century Hutchinson:

Battle for the Bicentenary : Book describing organization of First Fleet Re-enactment Expedition against bureaucratic government opposition (with Dave Iggulden).

The Bounty : History’s most famous ship

Bought Captain Bligh’s Tall Ship HMAV ‘Bounty’ for Pacific Ocean

Re-enactment Voyage - for the  Bicentenary of the 1789 Mutiny

Live Event: Conceived idea of buying $2.4 million tall ship HMS Bounty for Australia, as star ship for First Fleet Re-enactment Voyage - raised investment funds, bought ship then commemorated Captain Bligh’s famous Pacific ocean voyage.

Australian Environmental Summit : Australian Conservation Foundation

Promotions event: As promotions Director, helped produce, raise sponsorship funds and promote Australia’s first national environmental summit.

Inaugural Beach Clean Up

Promotions event: Conceived, organized, raised sponsorship funds for  independent Beach Clean Up along Northern Beaches

1978 to 88:


Australia’s largest live event :  3 million spectators

Award-winning Bicentennial $11 m. First Fleet Expedition :

Live Event Promoter: Conceived, developed, promoted, raised funds, sailed on 200th anniversary Re-enactment of Britain’s founding  voyage to Australia sailing for eight months from London to Sydney successfully completing a 10 year project.

Obtained support from QANTAS, England’s Queen Elizabeth 11, Prince Philip, Thor Heyerdahl, Sir Edmund Hillary), Coca Cola, Fuji, Hanimex, Chase Corp., Mobil (New York), Mainstay, federal and NSW governments & the public

Helped lead expedition (as Creative Director) sailing for 8 months London to Sydney with fleet of eleven square-rigged tall ships from different nations around the world - under the United Nations flag and Thor Heyerdahl as President, Sir Ed. Hillary as Patron; also endorsed by HRH Duke of Edinburgh and farewelled by HRH Queen Elizabeth 11..

Bounty - conceived, co-negotiated and executed acquisition of tall ship Bounty as the Fleet’s star ship, with a team of co-entrepreneurs and investors for $2.4 million with Ken Rosebery.

Television : Produced series of  television documentary films : ‘Ocean Challengers’, ‘Bound for Botany Bay’ (ABC & SBS) ‘First Fleet Right of Passage’ (Channel 7)

Radio: Covered the event live for Macquarie Radio - 2GB, 3 AW , 6PR , 5AD and 4BC etc - raising $900,000 from radio listeners

Newspapers: Covered voyage for ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ for nine months as Official Correspondent.

Publishing : Wrote series of best-selling books : ‘The First Fleet’, Australia’s First Fleet & Re-enactment’  (Publishers : Macmillan, Fairfax Robertsbridge etc)

Early Career: Before 1978

Lecturer in Political Science and History (University of Melbourne)

Worked for BBC London - Current Affairs programs eg. Panorama.

Worked for ABC TV - Current Affairs programs eg This Day Tonight/Big Country

Fleet Street, Daily Mirror - News journalist/Inaugural Editor, London’s ``Australasian Express”

Taught Journalism at North London London Polytechnic

Formal qualifications :

Ship to Shore Radio Master’s Certificate (NSW Government)

Graduated, Ph.D in Politics and history, University of Melbourne.

Graduated, Master of International Relations (London School of Economics)

Graduated, Honours Political Science (University of Melbourne)

Graduated Diploma of Journalism - University of Melbourne

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